Our Story

Hand In Hand Christian Montessori was founded in 1999 as a summer camp with a handful of families. Now, our Christian Montessori program is one of the largest in the country with hundreds of active learners on three campuses.

Our History

It seems like yesterday…spring 1996. I was holding my baby, dreaming about my life with my husband and this child, wanting to raise him to be a Child of God, a child with light. Then, I remember having a distinct impression from God with three simple words: Home School Academy. Interesting! Was that an oxymoron? Did something like that already exist? Little did I know that these three words would change my thinking, my ideas about the ideal educational experience and my future…

Why Choose Hand In Hand?

“Why Montessori” from a Lifetime Educator – Marlene C. Testa Lee (1939-2021)
Founder of our CMFE and Music Programs

I am the youngest child raised in a family of eleven, by emigrant parents from Italy who understood the value of the opportunity of education in this country and the value of the home environment. They provided fertile ground for me in my quest for my life’s message. As a wife and mother of two grown married children, and six grandchildren, I have had many opportunities to observe children on a daily basis. I have taught in both public and private schools, religious and non-sectarian schools. I have dedicated my life to instilling a love for music, learning and life in all that call me “teacher.” My experiences in teaching for over fifty years range from parents and their newborns to sophisticated college students…