We provide infants – adolescents with a Christ-centered, Montessori education.

Infant & Toddler (ages 0-3)

“Nido” is the Italian word for “nest,” symbolizing the warmth and security of a home. At Hand In Hand, we prioritize creating a nurturing and safe environment for infants to begin exploring the world. Our infant and toddler program is designed with the utmost care, giving only the best to the smallest members of our community. We provide nurturing and beautiful surroundings for infants and toddlers, allowing them to follow their natural path of development in a home-like setting. Our approach encourages independence and allows children to play, rest, and eat as they choose, at their own pace.

1-Day Family Preschool

for 2-3 year old children with a parent/caregiver

Family Preschool is a unique class designed for young children and their parents to enjoy together. The class begins with a beautiful, sacred Bible story time, presented with carefully prepared materials, followed by a crafted art response. While the children work in the classroom, parents move to a nearby parent education room to share a treat and discuss topics related to nurturing Montessori principles and Christian parenting. The main objectives for our young learners during this experience are to learn some basic Montessori classroom procedures, to choose work independently, and to share “the feast” with friends. Following the morning work session, children and parents reunite for a music and movement class featuring songs from “God’s Children Sing.”

Campus Specific


NIDO Educare is not currently offered at our Lab School in Bloomington, MN.

Pre-K & K (ages 3-6)

In Italian, “Casa” means “house”. In this carefully prepared home away from home, children experience a nurturing environment that encourages resourcefulness, respect, and responsibility. Our preschool and kindergarten program follows the Montessori curriculum and emphasizes the importance of Christ in everything we do.

2-5 Day Casa Preschool

Every morning, Casa students have an uninterrupted work time where they can freely choose their work. Montessori-trained teachers guide and introduce new ideas and activities, helping students develop independence, respect, and responsibility. During lunchtime, children practice the grace and courtesy skills they have learned. Preschool children take a midday nap while older children have a rest to recharge before continuing their exploration of the learning environment. Afternoons also offer the opportunity for unstructured outdoor playtime.


We have 3 Day or 5 Day all day options available. Children, ages 5 and 6, spend the morning in Children’s House and then eat lunch, where grace and manners are emphasized. In the afternoon, lessons in language and mathematics are expanded using Kin-esthetic materials. This enables the child to enjoy and explore the world, completely understand various operations and result in math and language concepts being easily attainable.


Areas of Learning


Faith is an integral part of a child’s experience at Hand in Hand. Each environment includes an “Atrium.”  This carefully prepared space houses an altar, sacred work, and biblical stories. We present stories and lessons to help the children know God and the way he wants us to live.  We emphasize the Word and worship through which children can express their faith in Christ.

Practical Life

Practical life activities are purposeful and aim to develop motor control, coordination, independence, concentration, and a sense of responsibility. Children refine these areas by learning everyday life skills such as plant care, food preparation, and environmental care.


Sensorial materials allow children to engage with the world around them through sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. These materials enable children to explore different properties of materials, such as size, shape, color, sound, similarities, and differences, using their senses.


Montessori math materials are designed to provide children with hands-on, visual, and tactile learning aids. These materials offer concrete knowledge of abstract concepts, enabling students to gain a deeper understanding.

Language Arts

Montessori language materials are designed for children to explore the intricacies of written and spoken language. These materials help students master letter sounds, handwriting, and eventually, reading, spelling, and writing.

Cultural Studies

Montessori’s Cultural Subjects include geography, history, and science.  They foster an early interest in learning about the world, including natural wonders, people, history, culture, music, and art. Through cultural studies, Casa children can “travel” and explore the world within the learning environment.

Campus Specific


Elementary (grades 1-6)

In Elementary, there is an emphasis on the development of independence, self-advocacy, and skills to productively work with others. Each day starts with a morning work period, which includes the Atrium, small group lessons, and uninterrupted work time to explore interests and complete projects.  Lunch and recess are followed by an afternoon work period that might include a read-aloud, P.E., art, music, or other special activity in addition to progress on unfinished works.

3-Day Homeschool Academy

The Elementary 3-Day Homeschool Academy is a program designed for home-educated students between the ages of 6 and 12. It offers a unique blend of two educational models – homeschooling and academy – providing the best of both worlds. This homeschooling partnership allows children to be part of a consistent school community for three days a week and spend the remaining two days learning with their parents at home.  It also allows parents to maintain the primary responsibility for their child’s education at home while receiving support, accountability, and encouragement. This model has produced proven results and rewards.

Private 5-Day Academy

Our full-time private academy incorporates best educational practices drawing not only from the Montessori method but other educational models such as classical. With the Montessori method, materials, and grace and courtesy as our leading compass and roadmap, we continue to look for today’s constructivist practices that can be incorporated to create an atmosphere of relevance and excellence for our students. Students have purposeful work today and are prepared for tomorrow.


Areas of Learning


Dr. Montessori used the term “Atrium,” derived from the gathering place for worship in the early Christian church, to describe the spiritual environment that is carefully set up and prepared for the children to proclaim the message of Jesus, teach the lessons Jesus taught, and focus on the Word and worship. Each of our environments houses an altar, religious work, and biblical lessons through which the children can express their faith in Christ

Practical Life

Practical Life at the Elementary level focuses on skills that connect children with their interests in the outside world, help them organize their time, and participate in their community. While self-care and appropriate social interactions are still supported, the emphasis is on teaching responsibility.


Montessori math materials provide children with hands-on, visual, and tactile learning aids to understand abstract concepts on a deeper level.  In Elementary, we introduce new purposes for familiar math materials to help children consider mathematical concepts, operations, and complex functions, ultimately expanding their advanced mathematical knowledge and understanding.

Language Arts

Reading and writing are essential to all subjects in a Montessori Elementary environment. Using these skills, students share their ideas through formal and informal presentations, express their interests and satisfy their curiosity. The Montessori language materials are designed for children to explore the intricacies of written and spoken language, helping elementary students master grammar, writing conventions, and spelling.

Cultural Studies

Montessori Cultural Studies include geography, history, biology, botany, geology, physical and life sciences. Through culture, children explore the interconnectedness and interdependency of living things. World history is presented through storytelling using “The Story of the World.”

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts are integral to learning at Hand in Hand. Children are provided with rich opportunities to experience music, dance, literature, and art. Involvement in the arts helps children find meaningful expression.

Campus Specific


Jr. & Sr. High (grades 7-12)

7th-8th offered at all campuses | 9th-12th offered at Central only (Roseville, MN)

CREO means “to create an original” in Latin. Hand In Hand offers a unique opportunity for adolescents to continue their learning journey through a Christian Montessori approach in CREO, our 7th – 12th-grade program. In CREO, the Montessori pedagogical principles are applied within the context of the important developmental planes of early and late adolescence. As a Christ-centered discipleship program, we continue to partner closely with families as the adolescent takes a more prominent role in their growth and social development.

3-Day Homeschool Academy

This option is for homeschool families that also want deep engagement from teachers who are passionate about their discipline and a positive social learning environment. Through classes, workshops, going-outs, and self-directed projects CREO students will engage in integrated core classes of Christian Faith, Math, Science, History, and Language.

*An additional Arts or Occupations specialist day may be added, creating a 4-day program.

Private 5-Day Academy

This option includes all core subjects, as well as two additional days:

Creative and Classical: Development in Music and Drama, Visual Arts, Foreign Language, Logic, and Linguistics.

Careers and Community: Development through career exploration, work study, and running a student business. Students also have Health and Recreation courses. Students participate in care and development of our learning environment through hands on design projects and care of the outdoor environment.


For 11th and 12th-grade students, CREO partners with Crown College to offer on-site dual enrollment classes that are integrated with our high school curriculum. PSEO students can also take additional online college courses in their area of interest and utilize our teacher-supported PSEO study café.


Areas of Learning

Faith Formation

  • Apologetics
  • Chapel
  • Discipleship

Language Arts

  • Poetry
  • Creative Writing
  • Oral Presentation
  • Literary Analysis
  • Classical Literature
  • Research Writing
  • Persuasive/Debate Tactics and Presentation
  • Public Communications

College Prep Math

  •  Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Calculus
  • PSEO Math

The Sciences

  • Earth Science
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

History and Geography

  • World History
  • Anthropology and Human Geography Prehistory to Present
  • United States History and Cultures 1800 – Present
  • United States Civics and Constitutional Studies
  • World Government and Citizenship
  • American Government


  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Business Occupations
  • Spanish
  • Theatre
  • Robotics
  • Leadership
  • Yearbook
  • Urban Agricultural
  • Technology

Campus Specific


Stephanie Wheman


Credentials: Bachelor in Elementary Education from St. Cloud State University with a minor in Reading Instruction; Master’s Degree in Education with a Montessori Concentration from St. Catherine University; AMS Elementary Montessori Certification from The Center for Contemporary Montessori; Licensed Elementary Educator in Minnesota and California

Experience: Private Educator (2020-2023); Head of School at La Crescent Montessori School (2017-2020) and Bluffview Montessori (2011-2017); Faculty Member of Bethany Global University (2017-present); Adjunct Faculty Member of the University of Wisconsin River Falls (2017-2020); Charter School Evaluator at Audubon Center of the North Woods (2016-2017); Montessori Educator at Hand In Hand Christian Montessori (2004-2011); Director (1999-2000), Educational Consultant (2001-2003) and Dean of Schools (2007-2011) at Child Garden Montessori; Montessori Educator at the World Learner School (1995-1999)

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