What students, parents and alumni are saying about Hand In Hand.


Why students love Hand In Hand

“CREO helps me with project development as I learn how to organize, plan, and implement my ideas. This will help me in the future.”

– Cameron

“I have freedom in my classroom to choose what I work on and where I do my work. These things help me do my best in school.”

– Jordan

“After the teacher’s lesson, I get to work on it – not just on paper, but also with my hands. That makes it stick with me.”

– Michael


What Parents say about Hand In Hand

“Hand In Hand was an answer to prayer for our family. We weren’t sure where we would send our children as we had been homeschooling and needed an alternative. We started out with the 3-Day program and fell in love with everything! The children can’t wait to get to school and cannot get enough of the wonderful lunches that are served, all natural!”

“At HIH, we are watching our children become independent, goal-oriented and accountable for setting some of their own goals and then working to meet them from week-to-week – all with a solid Christian foundation.” 

“The one year our son spent in traditional school he was terribly bored. This was because there was a set curriculum that was driven by the textbooks rather than by each student’s individual capabilities. At HIH, each child can grow and learn at his own pace and there is no stopping him, no “cap” on what he can learn.” 


From Hand In Hand Families

“The HIH teachers have gone above and beyond to meet our family’s educational needs.”

They have helped our children discover their strengths, honor their uniqueness, and facilitated their learning purposefully. The faculty has contributed to developing our children’s faith and supported them through pivotal spiritual and educational growth moments. We could not be more grateful for the collaboration, care, and consistency provided by the entire teaching team and faculty.

– Laura

Hand In Hand Parent


I attended HIH from 3-12 years old, which significantly impacted how I think, learn, and work today. At an early age, I learned how to self-advocate for my needs, work with my peers, and find my place in an environment that honored my unique qualities while challenging my hardships. I look back at my years at HIH with distinct memories of moments that have guided me in my passions and careers today as a young adult.

– Madeline

My time at HIH not only prepared me academically, but also equipped me with positive character traits and practical life skills. As a HIH student, I had the freedom to choose my work and manage my time, developing my personal responsibility and self-motivation at an early age. Throughout my education and career, I have regularly relied on the life lessons I learned at HIH!