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Hand In Hand Christian Montessori Academy

Reimagines Education as Inspirational, Innovative, and Individual


Our Programs

(varies by campus)

Infant and Toddler Daycare 0-3 years
Children's House CASA Preschool Ages 3-6
Homeschool Hybrid Ages 6-12
Elementary Private School Ages 6-12
Virtual Montessori Ages Prek-6 Years
Family Preschool Ages 0-4
CREO Junior High Ages 12-15
CREO Senior High Ages 15-18

A New Kind of Educational Approach

Hand In Hand is a Christian Academy in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. Started in 1999 with a handful of parents in a summer camp, currently, our Christian Montessori program is one of the largest in the country with hundreds of active learners on three campuses.

Our Central/Roseville campus offers infant and toddler daycare, preschool/kindergarten, elementary private academy and homeschool hybrid for 1st-12th grade learners. Our South/Bloomington campus offers preschool/kindergarten and 1st-6th grade learners both part-time or full-time education. Our West/Wayzata campus offers infant, toddler, preschool/kindergarten and elementary programs as well.

We emphasize Christian teachings, the constructivist method, and a collaborative style in multi-aged, carefully-prepared environments, guided by trained teachers, where active learners experience re-imagined education everyday!


“The human hand, so delicate and so complicated, not only allows the mind to reveal itself but it enables the whole human being to enter into special relationships with its environment.”

—  Dr. Maria Montessori
Secret of Childhood


A Parent’s Story


“My children were disengaged with the generic and lifeless school experience, struggled to succeed in academics, and were challenged with stress and anxiety about school. They were living for vacation and holidays…

…Hand In Hand Christian Montessori was the solution my children needed.”

Hand in Hand’s Core Values

Christ Centered

We love Jesus. He is the center of who we are, why we educate, and what we teach. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  We bind this truth on the hearts and the hands of the children.


Learning is an active and constructive process. Constructivist education emphasizes hands-on involvement, critical thinking, problem solving, and innovative connections.


Believing that parents are the first and foremost teachers of their children, we work hand-in-hand with parents in a unique fashion as we partner in the education of the child.