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Virtual Montessori

WELCOME to Virtual Montessori at Hand In Hand!

Our Virtual Montessori portal will be available soon.  Please click here to get a sneak peek at the library of online video presentations that will be available on our YouTube page for follow-up to the live presentations given during the small group sessions.

As you can imagine, this program will grow and develop throughout the course of this year.  Due to the “pilot” nature of this program, we are offering a discount for the first cohort and we will limit the number of total homeschooling families.  Here are some more details:

    • 18 weeks over fall, winter, and spring sessions
    • First week scheduled to kick off around the first week of December

Preschool Level (ages 2-5)

    • 1 day per week, 2.5 hours, 9:00-11:30 on Thursdays (includes Family Musik program)
    • $675.00 per year for 18 sessions
    • Music pouch with CD for home and other art response materials will be mailed to your home every 2-4 weeks

Elementary Level (ages 6-12)

    • Weekly workplan, live zoom sessions, video library of Montessori lessons
    • $900 tuition ($450 for additional sibling), $75 registration, and $250 family materials delivered to your home every 2-4 weeks

We understand that there will be more specific questions about the program or your family’s status with HIHCM.  We will do our best to address all questions and concerns as we get ready for the first virtual session.  Please send your questions to Jason Lee (j.lee@hihcm.org).  Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to our virtual classroom.