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Roseville Tuition & Fees

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Tuition & Fees: 2023-2024

NIDO (Italian for “nest”) is our infant and toddler program for children ages 3-36 months old.

Program HoursProgram DaysInitial Application FeeAnnual Student FeeWeekly Avg. Tuition
Nido Infant and ToddlerMon-Fri$100$175$385


  • The NIDO program offers both school year and summer programming beginning at 7:30am and ending at 5:00pm. Please refer to the NIDO calendar for specific in session dates.
  • Payments for NIDO are drafted on a monthly basis with a day with a 2 day minimum participation and with no half day options.
  • Contracts are signed for a one-year time frame beginning September 1st and going through the end of May and can be renewed for the summer.  To end a contract for a NIDO program before one year is completed, a two weeks notice is required and cancellation will be accepted for the consecutive month from which the notice is received (i.e. If notice is given in mid-February then cancellation of the contract will be applied and drafting will discontinue for the consecutive March).
  • Enrollment mid-year will have annual contracts pro-rated for the number of remaining months.
  • Note: No discounts are applicable for NIDO programs.

Family Preschool is for toddlers ages 2-4 accompanied with their parent/caregiver. Learn more »

Program (Age)Program DaysApplication FeeStudent FeeAnnual Tuition
Family Preschool (2yrs-4yrs)Wednesdays$75$50$900

Children’s House is a Montessori preschool and kindergarten program.

Children must be at least 33 months old and toilet trained, by Sept 1st  to start in Children’s House.

Program (Age Range)Program DaysApplication FeeStudent FeeAnnual Tuition
2 Days Preschool Half Day (Ages 3-4)Thurs-Fri$100$150 $2,600
3 Days Preschool/Kindergarten All Day (Ages 3-6)Mon-Wed or Wed-Fri$100$150 $5,200
5 Day Preschool/Kindergarten All Day (Ages 3-6)Mon-Fri$100$250 $10,790

Elementary at Hand In Hand is in two major groups of Lower Elementary (ages 6-9 years old) and Upper Elementary (ages 9-12 years old).

Children must be 6 years old by the September 1st for Elementary Homeschool.

ProgramProgram DaysApplication FeeStudent FeeAnnual Tuition
3 Day Homeschool AcademyMon-Wed or Wed-Fri$100$150 $5,360
5 Day Private AcademyMon-Fri$100$300 $11,122

CREO is Hand In Hand’s junior high and high school program.

ProgramProgram DaysApplication FeeStudent FeeAnnual Tuition
3 Day (Grades 7-12)Tues, Wed, Thurs$100$250$6,900
4 Day (Grades 7-12)Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs or Tue/Wed/Thurs/Fri$100$250$8,970
5 Day (Grades 7-12)Mon-Fri$100$300 $11,454

PSEO classes available upon request.


  • 2.5% Discount if paid in full by June 1st or within 30 days of acceptance.
  • Sibling Discounts: 1st = 5%, 2nd = 10%, 3rd = 15%
  • Need-based limited Financial Aid is available. Applications are completed through the FACTS enrollment process.

Note: No discounts are applicable for NIDO programs.

Non-Refundable Annual Fees

  • Student fees ($50-$300) are non-refundable