A Christ Centered Education

A Christ Centered Education

Young children need a special environment where they can meet and worship God. At the Bethany Children’s House children have their own experiences where their faith can be nurtured. The needs of children ages three-to six-are taken into account as they are introduced to the wonder of worship. The approach used, which integrates religious education and worship, has been presented in numerous workshops and training sessions. Children will be led to experience God using all their senses.
Teaching lessons are based on parables of the kingdom and selected passages from the Old Testament. The lessons are taught using a sensorial style of storytelling as a primary means for encountering God. So the Lord is experienced, not just learned about.
Our approach gives appropriate freedom so young children can respond to stories of God through continued working with the story figures and art materials. It enables children to bring their lived experiences into dialogue with God in the biblical stories. Remarkably, it provides a way for young children to tell Bible stories to others.

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