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Our Christian Montessori conversation could start here. Grab a cup of coffee or chai tea and settle in for a connection about things that matter most. Here is where you will be comforted that you are not alone.

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Becoming You

Her flight was due to arrive in Minneapolis at ten o’clock at night.  I was bouncing up and down on my tiptoes as I saw her round the corner the Airport Terminal #2.  My college girl was coming home for Christmas break; home for, what I was calling, 30-Days-of-Fun.  We stayed up that first night ... Read More

Civil Siblings

As Christians, in a constructivist community that value a gentle environment both at home and school, peace becomes paramount.  If we are intentional about individual respect, responsibility and resourcefulness, we should extend this mantra to our relationships at home as well. We teach peace and reconciliation with one another with a dedicated  “peace corner” in ... Read More
A Christ Centered Education

A Christ Centered Education

Young children need a special environment where they can meet and worship God. At the Bethany Children’s House children have their own experiences where their faith can be nurtured. The needs of children ages three-to six-are taken into account as they are introduced to the wonder of worship. The approach used, which integrates religious education ... Read More