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Our Christian Montessori conversation could start here. Grab a cup of coffee or chai tea and settle in for a connection about things that matter most. Here is where you will be comforted that you are not alone.

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Homeschooling Hand In Hand

Homeschooling Hand In Hand

Welcome to Hand In Hand and Homeschooling! It was always in my heart to be a teacher.  Ever since I could remember, I was lining up the chairs, putting my dolly and teddy bears in row, grabbing chalk and giving a lesson.  Yes, teaching was in my heart. When I became a mother, I made ... Read More

Not Yet Peaceful

2016 seems to be the most hectic year ever.  Imagine being a young person, under 18 years old.  Gone are the days when you could play outside in your neighborhood, riding bikes around and coming home by dinner time.  Gone are your many “focal point” activities of knitting, sewing, scrapbooking (with actual scissors), washing dishes ... Read More

Lesson Learned in my Tennis Shoes

“Hi Tennis Shoes! It has been a while.” I was inspired by my youngest child to take up running (or in my case, jogging) last summer.  A long time ago, in an era I could refer to as B.C. (before children), I was an active, sweat-loving, aerobic-craving athlete.  That characterization abandoned me when the word ... Read More

Victoria’s True Secret

It was the first time I had been into Victoria’s Secret.  I crossed the threshold with my mom, yes, prim and proper Mrs. Lee, the summer before my wedding.  She was bringing me to this special lingerie store to pick out my negligee for my wedding night and other fancy items for my honeymoon in ... Read More

Becoming You

Her flight was due to arrive in Minneapolis at ten o’clock at night.  I was bouncing up and down on my tiptoes as I saw her round the corner the Airport Terminal #2.  My college girl was coming home for Christmas break; home for, what I was calling, 30-Days-of-Fun.  We stayed up that first night ... Read More
Opening Gifts

Opening Gifts

My daddy brought an “Artic Cat Kitty Cat” snowmobile for me on a 1972 Christmas Eve.  Donning a purple helmet and a little snowmobile suit, I was thrilled.  Not only was it a cool gift, but also it represented his belief in me that I could handle a piece of equipment, keep up with him ... Read More
Top Ten List in Constructivism

Top Ten List in Constructivism

I gave a tour on Thursday of our program, highlighting our extraordinary features on an ordinary day.  At the end, one visitor commented that he had studied educational reform at a Master’s level. He had researched and studied all the ways constructivism can be implemented.  Until now, he hadn’t seen actually seen in practice.  Amazing.  ... Read More

Civil Siblings

As Christians, in a constructivist community that value a gentle environment both at home and school, peace becomes paramount.  If we are intentional about individual respect, responsibility and resourcefulness, we should extend this mantra to our relationships at home as well. We teach peace and reconciliation with one another with a dedicated  “peace corner” in ... Read More

Why Hand In Hand?

Why choose Hand In Hand over another educational model? There so many wonderful educational options in our Twin City area and around our country. It causes one to pause and consider the unique advantages of Christian Montessori and a Constructivist Approach. John Dewey, said to be the father of American, progressive, traditional education, emphasized conformity ... Read More

Letting Go

I had a hard time letting go of him, but time was against me and my flight was scheduled to leave soon.  He was now taller than me by almost one foot and had to stoop to get near me.  “Love you,” we echoed to each other. I stood on Florida’s International Airport curb as ... Read More