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Homeschooling Hand In Hand

Homeschooling Hand In Hand

IMG_0473Welcome to Hand In Hand and Homeschooling!

It was always in my heart to be a teacher.  Ever since I could remember, I was lining up the chairs, putting my dolly and teddy bears in row, grabbing chalk and giving a lesson.  Yes, teaching was in my heart. When I became a mother, I made plans early to send my child to a “home school academy.”  This approach was a new paradigm, a new educational model in Minnesota.  Although it was met with some hesitancy and hostility, we forged ahead, infringing on old norms and forming a blend of two models into one.  A true parent-school partnership emerged. For me, the only “community education model” that was compatible with homeschooling was Montessori.  It was a must-have.  Montessori, with its multi-aged, individually paced, and interest-based learning, was the perfect compliment to homeschooling benefits. Below you will find an amazing list, written by Samantha, a homeschooled, teen blogger.  The same reasons she loves homeschooling are the same reasons we love Montessori.  It is a perfect blend – the best of both worlds.

1. I am excelling academically.
2. I learn at my own pace.
4. I have no pointless homework.
5. I have no pointless busy-work.
6. I learn beyond textbooks and study my passions and areas of interest.
7. Textbooks are not my only, nor my primary, learning tool.
9. As a visual analytical learner, curriculum is customized to fit my needs.
11. I have more time to focus on the areas I need help with, and I can breeze through the “easy” stuff.
15. Students are primarily scored on English and Math, therefore History and Science are looked on as low priority. As a history nerd, I cringe at this thought.
17. We have a lower student-to-teacher ratio.
20. We have no Common Core or No Child Left Behind.
21. I love politics and current events and probably wouldn’t fare well with liberal political teachers.
22. I am not subject to political correctness, indoctrination and political propaganda about religion and history.
23. I am a critical thinker, and I am allowed to think beyond the box in my homeschool.
24. We don’t have to get vaccines!
29. We have no “fuzzy math” (Is 5 + 5 REALLY 10? Or is it 11?)
31. Socialization is not the primary reason a person goes to school.
32. I’m an entrepreneur – I don’t socialize, I network.
36. I get along with my sisters decently well.
40. I have extra time to pursue passions, like blogging and entrepreneurship! 🙂
41. I learn life skills, such as cooking, cleaning, and money management.
42. I have a flexible schedule.
44. We have better school lunches!
50. I love it.

So, if you feel called to homeschooled and teaching is in your heart – as it was in mine – you have come to the right place.  They say that the one who teaches, learns twice.  Welcome to the adventure where you can teach and learn as well!


Sara Groves – I Can’t Wait Lyrics

When you reach the proper age
I will teach you to read and you can turn the pages
How to dress and tie your shoes
Your one plus ones, and your two times two’s
And you’ll teach me
Of hearts and dreams
And all the most important things
And all that i have lost along the way
And I can’t wait

As you grow, I’ll show you things
How to ride your bike and kick your legs out on the swings
To fold your hands and bow your head
How to say your prayers before you go to bed
And you’ll teach me
Of hearts and dreams
And all the most important things
And all that I have lost along the way
And I can’t wait

How do you sleep so peacefully?
How do you trust unflinchingly?
How do you love so faithfully?
How do you dance so joyfully?
Oh you’ll teach me
Of hearts and dreams
And all the most important (essential) things
And all that i have lost along the way
And I can’t
No I can’t
Come teach me
Of love and dreams
And all the most essential thing
And all that I have lost along the way
Cause I can’t wait   Click here to listen to this inspiration song by yes, my favorite artist, Sara Groves.

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