Ages 12-15 (The HIgH)

Ages 12-15 (The HIgH)

Junior High

Hand In Hand offers Junior High students, ages 12-15, an opportunity to take education “higher” for half of the school year in our homeschool academy or a full-year in our private academy experience. Our exciting environment teaches Christian Faith, Worship, and Apologetics, along with Cultural and Classic Education courses of American History, Latin, Language Writing with Narration, and Logic. Students receive a World Language of French and Science Lesson with Lab and rigorous hands-on “College Prep” Mathematics. In addition to the Core, Cultural and Classical curriculum, our Christian Montessori environment offers Creative subjects in Visual Art, Physical Education, and Musical expression. Our Junior High students experience Community subjects that include involvement with Junior Achievement and operating their own small business – a coffee cart. Each student is invited to engage several residency field trips modeled after Dr. Montessori’s original work/farm model for adolescents. Finally, special events will be planned that will allow students social interactions, unforgettable experiences, and community growth.

Classes are held Monday-Wednesday from 8:45am-3:15pm for the 1/2 year option or Monday-Friday from 8:45am-3:15pm for the full year.

For more information on The HIgH’s Learning Environment, please enjoy the following Educator Letter:

See below how the HIgHers demonstrate their M-STEM project! Hands-on learning at its best!