Pre-school – High School students at Hand In Hand in Roseville enjoy five specialists throughout the year in the areas of Visual Art, Music and Movement, Physical Education and M-STEM and History.

  • Visual Art: Our Creator God made us to also be creative, and visual expressions are what is taught in our art classes, which are available for children at every age.  Studying the elements of art (line, shape, color, texture, etc.) are included at all levels.  Specific art projects are chosen to help students show their knowledge about these elements, while creating their original designs. Two and three dimensional projects are fashioned while learning to draw, paint, print, sculpt and design.  Self expression is encouraged, working from the student’s imagination as well as reference material.  Learning about famous artists who also worked in a particular media is inspirational for children as they make their own creative expressions.
  • Physical Education: Physical Education is a sports-based, game-based learning hour! 3-Day students experience one class per week, while 5-Day students experience two. Our session usually begins with warm-ups and stretching, most often to music! Then we take one sport skill each month, isolating the skill and enjoying a variety of games to make the learning interesting and enjoyable for everyone. We see physical activity as a life-time endeavor and help encourage children to love, enjoy and take care of the body they have been blessed with! Words of health and fitness are sprinkled into each class experience as well.
  • M-STEM: M-STEM (Montessori Science Technology Engineering and Math) provides the opportunity for the child to experience Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in a Montessori environment with engaging, hands-on learning experiences. Some topics we study are Engineering, Geology, Creation Care, Botany & Biology extensions, Math extensions (such as applied math and spatial skills), and Technology as a tool to support the child’s education. Hand In Hand M-STEM lessons are designed to guide children to discover the amazing world we live in, strengthen our love of learning, and to give glory to our Creator.
  • Music and Movement:The joyful music class at Hand In Hand creates myriad of opportunities for preschoolers through high school to tap, move, and play in rhythm and sing in tune. We teach these important concepts through listening, moving to music, singing together, playing instruments and repeating musical patterns.Recognizing the brain is anchored in rhythm! Dr. Dee Coulter, a renowned brain science educator argues, rhythm might “be the most important gift you can give” your child because the highest level of brain functioning occurs in the frontal lobes. Rhythmic training also helps cultivate “motor flow” and grace in what is considered “sensory-motor integration.”Likewise, singing in tune is a gift you can give your child to last their life-time through. Alice Parker, well-known and loved children’s song writer expressed, “we are most wonderfully human when we sing together”. Children are exposed to folk, patriotic, classical, hymns, gospel and choral music. Preschool children learn music through nature, while Elementary children sing their way through home and neighborhoods. Upper Elementary children are exposed to ethnic dances and cultural music from around the world. Junior High students learn to play the hand-chimes and read music as a chorus. Our students enjoy making music together and as St. Augustine said “He who sings, prays twice!”Experience the sights and sound of our J-Term Cultural Visit where we play ukeleles, dance the hula, and enjoy our “trip” to Hawaii through music, art, food, costumes and games! A true multi-sensory experience!
  • History (1st – 6th only): Rudyard Kipling once said, “If history were taught in the form of story, it would never be forgotten.”   

    We use the power of story to help our students engage and explore the historic events and life choices of the men, women, and children, from all races and nations, who have gone before us.   

    Our aim is to teach our students how to engage the history they read so they can learn from the past and allow it to inform their future.  We use powerful tools to help us gain a more nuanced understanding of the history we explore.  We employ the active engagement of our imaginations (role playing), we ask critical questions (why? what if? how? what else?), draw personal connections, practice leadership, and contribute to the group’s understanding (History Circle Roles). Our framework is to actively seek the thread of God’s redemptive plan woven throughout our history.  Our end goal is to grow toward a deeper and honest understanding of the historic events and life choices made by the makers of history and to be wise enough to learn from it.

Roseville Preschoolers also enjoy a “taste” of these specialists throughout the year in a variety of educational ways as well as Bloomington Children’s House and Elementary.