Our Unique Programs

Program Offerings

Hand In Hand Christian Montessori offers the following programs:

  • Half and Full Time NIDO Infant and Toddler Day Care
  • 1-Day Family Musik Time
  • 1-Day Family Preschool
  • 2-Day Children’s House
  • 3-Day Children’s House
  • 5-Day Children’s House
  • 3-Day Elementary
  • 5-Day Elementary
  • 3-Day Jr. & Sr. High
  • 4-Day Jr. & Sr. High
  • 5-Day Jr. & Sr. High
  • PSEO (1-Day a week through 5-Days a week)

Sample Schedules

View the Sample Schedule below to see what a day might look like at Hand In Hand:

1 Day Family Musik Time (FMT) – Ages 0-3 with a parent/caregiver

11:00 – Music Time – forty five minute music and movement class using the Musikgarten curriculum, babies and toddlers accompanied by parent/caregiver joins other in joyful musical experiences of listening, moving, playing, singing and learning patterns.

1 Day Family Preschool (FPS) – Ages 2-3 with a parent/caregiver

9:00 – Doorkeeper opens door – Personal Greeting and Opening Circle
9:10 – Faith/Atrium Story using Young Child In Worship – parent and child together
9:30 – Atrium Art Response – children engage, parents dismissed for Discussion Group
9:45 – Montessori Work Time
10:30 – Sharing of the Feast
10:45 – Story Time & Siesta
11:00 – Parents and Children reunite for Musikgarten – God’s Children Sing
11:45 – Personal Blessing and Dismissal

3 Day and 2 Day Children’s House Preschool and Extended Day (CH) – Ages 3-6

8:30 – Arrival
8:45 – Personal Greeting and Opening Circle
9:00 – Three Hour Work Cycle with choice of Montessori materials in Faith/Atrium with Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Practical Life, Sensorial, and Cultural Materials. Preschoolers also experience Music and Library on a rotating basis during the week.
12:00 – Dismissal for AM Preschool Children
12:00 – Lunch for All-Day Preschool Children and Extended Day
12:30 – Recess for Extended Day(either indoors or outdoors)/Siesta for All-Day Preschool
1:00 – Siesta for Extended Day or Specialist Rotations (Phy.Ed/STEM/Music/Art)
1:30 – Recess (either indoors or outdoors) for All-Day Preschool or Specialist Rotation
1:30 – Continuation of the Montessori Work
3:00 – Closing Circles
3:15 – Dismissal

3 Day and 5 Day Elementary Program (EL) – Ages 6-12 years

8:30 – Arrival
8:45 – Personal Greeting and Opening Circles
9:00 – Three-Hour Work Cycle including Faith/Atrium Lessons using Godly Play with Art Response, Hymns, Devotions; Work with the Montessori Materials in Math, Language, Science, Geography and Latin.
12:00 – Lunch/Recess/Siesta
1:00 – Continuation of Montessori Work or Specialist Rotation: Physical Education, Music & Movement, Visual Art, Library/History
3:00 – Closing Circles
3:15 – Dismissal

3 Day and 5 Day HIgH Program (HGH) – Ages 12-15 Years

8:30 – Arrival
8:45 – Personal Greet and Opening Circle
9:00 – Three-Hour Work Cycle: including Faith/Atrium Lessons, Integrated Language Arts, American Heritage, Geography, Classical and Creative Subjects such as Music and Drama, and STEM – Science, Technology, Math, & Engineering.
12:00 – Leisure and Lunch
1:00 – Afternoon Work Cycle involves Specialists in French, Physical Education, Occupations, Visual Art, Music, Logic & Latin and Going Out Experiences (Fridays).
3:00 – Closing Circle
3:15 – Dismissal

All times are approximate.
Daily Program Schedule subject to improvement upon short notice.
Schedules are samples only and one should refer to weekly updates in the SNAP and/or their teacher’s classroom Handle letter for specifics. Watch this special video on why kiddos in a Montessori program love their school!