Parent Education

Parent Education

“The most important thing to remember is that it is the PARENT who is the child’s first teacher, role model, security symbol, and source of unconditional love and nurturing.”– Elizabeth Hainstock

This year we have great opportunities for parents to learn and grow in their most important role – parenthood and education. Parents are the first and foremost teachers of their children, whether or not they choose to homeschool, and it is our desire as a school to encourage, enlighten, and educate parents. In this, we are offering the following venues, allowing everyone to find something that fits their schedule. We offer weekly groups as well as once a year gatherings of inspiration.

CMFE (Christian Montessori Family Education) * Wednesdays, 9:30-11:00 AM in the Fireside Room/Roseville, 10:00-11:00 AM in Campus Classroom/Bloomington – Designed for any parent who is desiring to implement better parenting skills and Montessori principles in the home setting. Using the meaningful curriculum from the NAMTA Montessori at Home set, the Alpha Course series, “The Parenting Course” video, CMFE used both small group and large group format. Designed for any parent who likes to read, discuss, and explore various key concepts from books including the “Mommy Manual” by Barbara Curtis, a Montessori teacher and mother of 12. Since the inception of HIH in 1999, our CMFE program has been led by the Director of our Parent Education Programs, Mrs. Marlene Lee. Class Ambassadors and hostesses facilitate discussions and prayer. Registrations for children required in FMT, FPS, CH or other HIH programs.

Connect Coffee Hour * Mondays and Fridays 9:00-10:30 AM in the Fireside Room/Roseville – Designed for the homeschooling parent who wants to explore the philosophical strength, differences and similarities of the Montessori, Classical and Mason methods. Come for great connections, conversations and coffee with others. Led by veteran Montessori/Homeschooling parents since 2002. Childcare provided – donations welcomed. Thursday evening group offered monthly as well, covering similar topics.

HomeSchool HowTo * Fall Sessions offered in the Gathering Area/Roseville and Campus Classroom/Bloomington – Designed for our 3-Day, new to Hand In Hand parents who are intentional about teaching at home and combining Hand In Hand enrichment classes. This 1.5 hour session has three 30 minutes parts explaining constructivism; what is taught at HIH; and what is the parent’s role at home.  (See videos below for refresher course). Led by founder and director, Michelle Lee Thompson.

Montessori & Meatballs * Fall Sessions offered in the Gathering Area/Roseville and Campus Classroom/Bloomington) – Designed for our 5-Day parents who is interested in the academic advantage that Montessori offers and how to better support students at home.  Without tests, grades and homework (per se), how can a parent engage with a full-time, private Montessori learner? Come and find out – and eat a meatball, too! Led by 5-Day staff members.

CREO Orientation * Fall Session offered in Gathering Area/Roseville – Designed for both new and returning parents of 7-12 grade students enrolled in our unique adolescent program called CREO, meaning “Create an Original”.  Adolescent Montessori theory and development, curriculum, policies, and staff introductions will be a part of this informative evening.  This age groups needs particular attention as the emerging young person is spreading wings and learning to fly. Come and hear how to best support them as they endeavor to learn and grow. Led by CREO Deans and Teachers.


Parent Videos

How Children Learn Best at Home:

  • Follow the child’s innate interest and look for teachable moments
  • Allow the child to experience real things in the home; teach the handling of delicate objects and break down difficult tasks into easy steps
  • Arrange the home and the child’s own space in such a way that the child can care for it him/herself
  • Teach phonics to the interested early reader—teaching the sound of the letter rather than the letter names of the alphabet
  • Refrain from interrupting the child once he/she is engaged in meaningful activity and concentration
  • Cultivate an attitude of allowing the child to do more for themselves today than they did yesterday
  • Foster a positive spirit of independence and self-assuredness
  • Enjoy the “wonder” of the young child who is experiencing everything every day for the first time
  • Pray for the child as a unique creation of God who has special talents and gifts that are to be used in this child’s generation for the furthering of the Kingdom and the Glory of God!

How Children Learn Best in the Classroom:

  • With independence, while enjoying the presence of others but not relying on them
  • During the earliest years of life —the best time for learning grace and courtesy and for training their mind for thinking skills
  • With others, older and younger, in an integrated, multi-aged classroom
  • By using hands-on materials, which allows concentration, repetition, and self-correction
  • Through self-motivation and with a natural desire to learn
  • From teachers who direct activities, prepare the environment, and offer stimulation
  • By using patterns of concentration, thoroughness, and order
  • By acquiring “inner discipline” to learn and ultimately teach themselves