Ages 2-4 Family Preschool

Family Preschool

Wednesday mornings offer a unique class for young children and their parents to participate in a beautiful sacred Bible Story time called “Young Children and Worship” along with carefully prepared materials and an crafted art response.  Children proceed to work in the Montessori Toddler environment receiving an “appetizer” to full Montessori work.  Working on rolling a mat, choosing work independently, listening for the bell, and sharing “the feast” with friends are the main objectives during this experience.  Following the morning work session, children and parents are reunited for a music and movement class featuring the songs from “God’s Children Sing.”

There is a time designated for parents to discuss pertinent topics of nurturing Christian Montessori principles as well as Christian parenting ideas for the home. Parents meet, share a treat and ideas. Classes begin at 9:00 and conclude at 11:45 am with a family music time. Younger siblings (under 2 years old), have an opportunity to join the sibling nursery from 9:00-11:00 am and join the family music time at 11:00 am for an additional cost .