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CREO – (Jr. and Sr. High School Grades 7th-12th)

CREO – Grades 7th-12th

Hand In Hand offers a unique opportunity for adolescents to continue their learning journey through a Christian Montessori approach in CREO, our 7th – 12th grade program. In CREO the Montessori pedagogical principles are applied within the context of the important developmental planes of early and late adolescence. The development of a whole healthy self, including the mind, body and soul is prioritized. We continue to partner closely with families as the adolescent takes a more prominent role in their growth and social development. CREO High is committed to integrating education across the major disciplines, classical subjects and practical life skills. For adolescent education, we see the transformative work of the gospel of Jesus as central to establishing a life of continued learning, growth and social transformation.

Through classes, workshops, going-outs and self-directed projects

CREO students will engage in

Core Classes (Tuesday-Thursday): Teaching in Christian Faith, Math, Science, History and Language.

Creative and Classical (Monday): Development in Music and Drama, Visual Arts, Foreign Language, Logic, and Linguistics.

Careers and Community (Friday): Development through event planning, recreation/health, senior projects and grace and courtesy. Students also have the opportunity to run their own café and participate in other work-study options.

We offer three flexible learning options for 7th – 12th grade

3-day CREO: (Tue, Wed, Thurs): This option is for home school families that also want deep engagement from teachers who are passionate about their discipline and a positive social learning environment. An additional Arts or Occupations specialist day is available creating a 4-day option.

5-day CREO: In addition to the 3 days of integrated core subjects, this option includes Creative and Classical Monday and Careers and Community Friday.

PSEO: For our 11th and 12th grade students we offer college courses that are integrated with our high school curriculum. PSEO students can also take additional on-line college courses in their area of interest and utilize our teacher supported PSEO study café.


Small class sizes (average 15:1 ratio), parent partnerships and health protocols contribute to an agile education model able to adapt to changes in state health mandates while prioritizing in-person learning environments. Classes are held from 8:35am-3:15pm and a family can choose the 3 day core option (Tuesday-Thursday) and add on Monday and/or Friday to their programming.

Click below to view the CREO Information Night

2022 CREO Information Night

Our students spent their J-term investigating Place and Meaning. Our essential question guiding our inquiry was: “What makes places meaningful and in what ways do they contribute to our sense of self, community, belonging and purpose?” Enjoy this compilation of the student’s research and presentations.