Testimonials from Parents

Hand In Hand was an answer to prayer for our family. We weren’t sure where we would send our children as we had been homeschooling and needed an alternative. We started out with the 3-Day program and fell in love with everything! The children can’t wait to get to school and cannot get enough of the wonderful lunches that are served, all natural!

We had watched our children grow in other Montessori schools for over 4 years, and seeing the results, we were sold on the Montessori method of learning. But it was difficult to find a Montessori school of this caliber that also provided a Christian foundation and offered classes to children through the Jr. High years. Finding HIH was an answered prayer.” 

“At HIH, we are watching our children become independent, goal-oriented and accountable for setting some of their own goals and then working to meet them from week-to-week – all with a solid Christian foundation.” 

The one year our son spent in traditional school he was terribly bored. This was because there was a set curriculum that was driven by the textbooks rather than by each student’s individual capabilities. At HIH, each child can grow and learn at his own pace and there is no stopping him, no “cap” on what he can learn.” 

“What our children learn in Montessori is more of a deep understanding. For example, instead of just memorizing what the answer is to 3 times 3, they learn what is happening in the problem because they use materials that make abstract concepts more concrete. This works much better than just memorizing the answers or doing numerous worksheets or long hours of homework. This level of deep understanding also carries them much farther and they are able to handle more complex problems later on.” 

It’s truly amazing to watch the children rise to the challenge when they are trusted to take some ownership of their learning each day. They do not wish to get a “hall pass” so they can skip out on class for a few minutes. Instead, they are eager to get to school and eager to learn. And learn they do! My children are testing years beyond their peers in both the public and private schools in the state. But most importantly, they are learning to LOVE learning and to LOVE the Lord with all their heart, mind and soul. We are so grateful to be part of HIH.” 

“Staff welcomed and really loved my children; they took time to get to know their individual needs and strengths and really helped them to be their best.”

We are committed to having a clean, toxic free, Eco-friendly school. Please check out the attached link which features our Dean Michelle Thompson: