Our Mission, Beliefs, Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the Kingdom of God through Christian Montessori by educating infants through adolescents to love, learn and lead; we offer individual, innovative, inspirational lessons through which learners can experience purpose for today and be prepared for tomorrow.

Our Beliefs

WE BELIEVE we are in the Lord’s hands. He created us with His HANDS and loves each of us. He has written all our names in His Book of Life if we believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord.

WE BELIEVE that Jesus took children seriously and called them to Himself, placed His HAND on them and blessed them, and said the Kingdom of Heaven belonged to those who were like children.

WE BELIEVE that true learning occurs when the child can do things for himself/herself and have the activities in HAND along with freedom and boundaries, and an open work cycle.

WE BELIEVE that parents are an essential part of education and should be encouraged, educated and embraced with a HAND-shake style partnership.

WE BELIEVE that all of life is better HAND-IN-HAND, as parent to child, parent to instructor, instructor to child, child to child, parent to parent, and all to God.

Our Vision

Problem: Education comes from the Latin term “educare” which means to bring into the light. However, much of education is a dark and lifeless experience for the millions of children 18 years and younger. Stateside, the education model favors behavioralism, with desks, homework, tests, and boredom. Worldwide, there is a depravity of options and some of the most underserved populations are the most forgotten.

Solution: Children matter to Christ both on earth and for eternity.  Because of our love for Christ, commitment to children, and passion about constructivism, we want to make Christian Montessori education available to as many children as possible – both stateside and worldwide.

Creating a new training program the CMTC (Christian Montessori Training Center) in conjunction with Bethany Global University is one step in this direction. Hand In Hand Christian Montessori seeks to create more invitational, educational models that are enticing by:

  • ENCOURAGING parents
  • NORMALIZING children
  • TEACHING truth
  • CREATING constructivist classrooms
  • ENGAGING in community

We have a dream, as Dr. Maria Montessori once did, that millions of children enter into a hands-on, individual, nurturing place with trained Christian Guides who will inspire them to love, learn and lead. Join us in making this dream a reality!