Our Educational Philosophy

Our Educational Philosophy

Hand In Hand believes that all people are created in the image and likeness of God with unique combinations of gifts, abilities, interests, learning styles and personalities. We believe in Christ, His complete work on the cross, His resurrection from the dead, and we want to incorporate Jesus into all we do.   We believe each child is a UNIQUE CHILD, with inquisitive, creative, inspiring natural bents. They move through development stages, called sensitive periods, in which particular learning is at its optimum level.  We hold to the truth that God deeply loves all people and has a plan for each of our lives (Jeremiah 29:11).

For children, education can be a joyful process in a PREPARED ENVIRONMENT of continuous learning, using proper educational tools that are hands-on and encourage and self-correct.  We believe in creating a cooperative classroom that is child-sized, safe, and sensorial-based that fosters respect, responsibility and resourcefulness. A Montessori-style classroom houses beautiful, natural materials of religious education, practical life, sensorial refinement, mathematics, language arts, natural science, history, geography and creative arts. Children respond differently to lessons because they are created uniquely by God (Psalm 139:14) and have special gifts (Romans 12:6).

Hand In Hand’s purpose is to provide learners, infant to senior high, with a carefully prepared environments that are brought to life by EQUIPPED TEACHERS, who serves as mentors and guides, and who have been trained in this work to help children learn for themselves. Our educational goal is to provide children with a positive, self-initiated learning environment emphasizing God’s unconditional love (Romans 8:38). We hope that this educational experience assists them in growing in holiness, discerning vocations, and preparing for a lifelong ministry for the greater glory of Christ and His Kingdom.

Hand In Hand invites PASSIONATE PARENTS to participate in presentations and discussions related to children and families in a context of godly values and spiritual support (Titus 2:3-5). As advocates of the home, our mission is to strengthen families by educating parents in their role as their child’s first and most important teacher, nurturer, and role model (Proverbs 22:6). Parents of preschool, elementary, junior and senior high children who are intentional about continuing purposeful activities at home and/or in home education will feel supported with our educational philosophy and resources.

Hand In Hand desires to engage parents and children in MEANINGFUL ACTIVITIES in the classroom context, community activities as well as at home (Deuteronomy 11:9). We have planned a balanced year of days both at Hand In Hand and at home designed to encourage families to play and learn, work and worship together. Our Family Events and Fundraisers are ways that we celebrate together.